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#ATAQATIGIINNEQ support project

#Ataqatigiinneq means unity and in Greenland we need that right now, as many companies in Greenland are finding themselves in a very difficult time due to the influence of COVID-19.
Especially many of our colleagues within tourism are facing a summer season with a high lack of tourists and the consequences are devastating. Therefore, Vela Nordic and Inua Arctica made a collaboration to support our colleagues and we sincerely hope for your help!

Together, we developed a t-shirt and a tote bag, wherefrom the clothing came from the high sustainable brand Neutral, and the figure on our textiles are handmade by Josepha Lauth Thomsen from Inua Arctica, which symbolizes the Greenlandic culture in a very minimalized face of a Greenlandic mask dancer.

The purpose of our project was to contribute a sponsorship to smaller local companies in Greenland, who needed an ‘extra hand’ to survive and thrive within the business of tourism and culture.

In collaboration with Greenland Business we identified those most in need of the sponsorships, where missing incomes made it hard to get through 2020 or to start a new idea in 2021.

*the amount of the grant depended solely on revenue from the COVID-19 support sales of digital stamps, T-shirts and tote bags.

Thank you for the support you sent us! 

Our sustainable wearing!

that supported


local Greenlandic tourism and culture… 

Tote bag nature

T-shirt white

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I believe we all are very dependent on each other, especially in times like these where something unforseen,radically changes our world. Therefore, I started this covid-19 project to support local Greenlandic companies, where we hopefully can contribute to maintain a good and healthy business within tourism and cultural knowledge.

Karoline Handberg -Founder of Vela Nordic

In 2015 I attended a mask dance workshop (by Vivi Sørensen) and since then I’ve developed into a storyteller and I have mainly used it in tourism. In 2019 I started using my knowledge and started teaching Tourism and Sustainable Tourism at Campus Kujalleq. 
So, I am honored to be a part of this project, as I’ve been working as a tourist guide since 2014 and I know how important tourism and cultural interaction are for the Greenlandic community and I hope that we together can make a difference and help those in need – affected by what is going on. 

Josepa Lauth Thomsen -Founder of Inua Arctica

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