Our Story

Creating by heart

FOUNDER of Vela Nordic

Hello! I’m Karoline.

As my passion for the Arctic, Greenland, guiding, developing and executing shore excursion programs has grown to ‘explode’ within the last 6 years, I am finally finding myself fulfilling my dream by founding Vela Nordic in the beginning of 2020. 

I dream of being able to contribute with more innovative perspectives and a passion beyond for the Arctic- and Nordic countries. Sustainability and healthy incorporated CSR factors are important to me and should be incorporated even more into the tourism industry, especially in remote destinations, which are to be found the Arctic- and Nordic regions.  

Therefore, anyone working with Vela Nordic will meet my values and passion within the company and the work we deliver. Quality before quantity is most important and is what I want myself when visiting and exploring new destinations. 

I sincerely hope you will enjoy your cooperation with Vela Nordic!

Karoline Handberg


Only the Best

Vela Nordic

Vela Nordic is delivering products and services to cruise lines and tour agencies. We provide services such as; inputs and ideas for itinerary planning, shore excursion programs, where we execute mostly all excursions together with local operators. It is crucial for us to deliver personalized services from A to Z, which we know through experience will benefit all parts the best.

Quality ahead of quantity, gives a little sparkel of joy!

Nordic destinations

We are working with several destinations in the Nordic- and Arctic regions; Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Our expertise lies within the Arctic region where we can assist with itinerary planning, port services and shore excursion programs.

It is essential to us, that we deliver the best service and quality to you and therefore we like to focus on few destinations. This also makes it possible for us to keep a good personal contact to local operators and stay close updated to the growth in all small communities.

Core Values

Our vision

To be the strongest CSR-player in our field;

Vela Nordic focuses on local growth and development, community engagement, excellent service and quality, including local employees at all destinations we visit. We do our upmost to take care of the environment for each tour we offer, and only want to leave footprints we can be proud of. Our core value is to include and contribute to the civil society wherever we go, something only possible with clients of the same mindset and beliefs. In the end, we believe this to be beneficial not only for your company, the places we go and the communities we engage with, but for your valued customers as well.