– Is the native name of the Faroe Islands 


Short introduction:
Vela Nordic provides services and programs for almost all around the Faroe Islands.
Through vast and local knowledge from everywhere around the islands, we are able to provide unique and tailormade programs and services. 



  • Itinerary developing and planning
  • Port services
  • Guide service on-board cruise ships
  • We plan and coordinate everything with local partners onsite, so you only have to communicate with Vela Nordic.
  • We aim to deliver the best service and quality through our knowledge and experiences, having sustainability in mind.
  • Day Tours, Busses & other travel services
  • Customized tours and luxury travel
  • Supplies of goods and spare parts if needed

Facts about the Faroe Islands:

Land area: the total land area is 1.399 km2 (540 square miles). Formed of 18 volcanic islands separated by narrow sounds and fjords.

Total coastline of the islands: 1.289km and no matter where you are, you will never be more than 5km (3mil) from the ocean 

Highest peak: Slættaratindur, standing 880 meters on the islands Eysturoy  

Population: approx. 52.124 people lives on the Faroe Islands

Capital: Tórshavn

Official language: Faroese. Danish has equal status in all official affairs.

Hello: Hey.

Goodbye: Farvæl.

See you: Vit síggjast.

Thank you: Takk fyri.

Yes/No: Ja/Nei.


Valuta: Faroese króna and Dansih Kroner.

National day: 29th of July, called Ólavsøka.

Green Energy: The Faroe Islands is one of the world’s leading nations in producing sustainable electricity with over 50% of the nation’s electricity deriving from renewable energy sources.

The only port to visit with a full excursion program on the Faroe Islands is Tórshavn. Here we can arrange different tours going out of town to explore the majestic nature of the islands. Though there are many more places to see and visit.  

Nature sites and small towns:
To gain an overview of other possible sites and places to visit and see in the Faroe Islands, please send us your itinerary or ideas and we will revert with a possible program incl. places to visit, shore excursions, lectures and other possible ideas.  

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